Luxurious Natural Corn Silk Mask

Luxurious Natural Corn Silk Mask


Unique corn silk mask from designer archives of natural silks. 


The aim of UK based amalia ancora, is to prevent waste and pollution providing washable alternatives to disposable masks containing non-recyclable plastics and alllergens.


Amalia Ancora masks are not medical grade.  They are intended to provide a natural, double layered barrier to help protect the wearer and those around them.  Natural silks are made from long staple, densely woven fibres which are soft, breathable and luxurious.  Mulberry silk is also understood to have anti-bacterial properties and has been used for medical sutures for centuries. 


It is suggested that the wire nose strips are removed before gentle hand-washing.


Sustainable, exclusive, hand made and ethical - the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself, bringing some ease and luxury during these changing times.