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Sourcing sustainably

etica means 'ethical' in Italian, chosen as the name of our boutique because it underpins our two main passions, ethically sourced products and good style and design. We do everything we can to find products that do both, they can't just be ethical for the sake of it and look dowdy and they can't just look pretty but create harm to the environment or people in the supply chain.

We are a very new ethical boutique and it's been an interesting challenge to source ethically in these ever changing times. In some cases we cannot stock brands we like because they stock other independent retailers nearby. In other cases we've found the more sustainable brands don't carry stock and need us to order six months in advance, something we cannot do in these early stages of establishing our business.

Sooo, we do everything we possibly can based on the resources we have available - it's not perfect and there are so many amazing eco friendly brands we want to stock in time, but we hope you'll agree we've curated a lovely first collection of homewares, loungewear and accessories to get started! These are some of the amazing brands we are so grateful to be working with:-

Weaver Green

Beautiful blankets, throws, bags and cushions all made from recycled plastic bottles!

The Oil Hut -

Natural hand prepared aromatherapy diffusers and healing sprays, made in Devon

Eribe Merino Knitwear -

Scottish borders knitwear company, beautiful merino knitwear made to last

Luxurious Designer Silk Face Masks - @amalia_ancora

Local Wiltshire-based designer, making from designer archive collection of natural silk fabrics

Vegan, natural handmade soaps -

Italian Loungewear -

Beautifully cut Italian loungewear all made in Italy

Fair Trade earrings -

Stunning gold plated and semi precious stones earrings from Jaipur, Southern India

and in store we also have house plants and artwork by local artists

Ethical to us means minimising the harm we cause to people and the planet. All our bags in store are recycled, even our hangers! We also endeavour to treat our suppliers and customers with kindness and respect.

We will be adding more ethical brands as we grow, so watch this space x

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